WAGR has published the first details of its new Power Method system
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WAGR has published the first details of its new Power Method system

World Amateur Golfers Rating has published the first details of its new Power Method system, which will begin to operate in two weeks - from January 2020. Innovations - a new classification of competitions and an original method of scoring.

Now the competition will not be divided into eight categories, as it was before, but each game will have its weight, expressed by a digital value. The importance of the competition will depend solely on the strength of the players participating in it - based on their positions in WAGR, OWGR, or Rolex ratings. The maximum weight of the competition, in which only amateur golfers participate, is 1000. The importance of the game with the participation of top professionals can reach 3000.
The number of points that a player can receive will depend on the weight of the competition and on the player’s place. Now for the system it does not matter what results the player showed during the tournament. The only important thing is what final place he took. Accordingly, a victory at the most “expensive” competition among amateurs can bring 25 points, while a winner at the most “cheap” game will be awarded 7.5 points.

Place in the ranking will be determined by the sum of points in the competition over the past 104 weeks, and after 52 weeks the spots begin to ""fall in price"" at a rate of about 2% per week. Thus, the competitions of the last year will be of great importance, and the player who is in the best current sports form will have an advantage over the player with old merit. To become a participant in the WAGR ranking for the first time, a player must receive at least 6.5 points in the competition. It is expected that this condition is milder than before, and therefore becoming a rating player will be a little easier. However, in order to remain in the rating, the player will have to try more than the previous system required - he must have at least 4 points in the competition held in the last 52 weeks.

New Power Method points will be counted as early as January, based on the competitions played over the past 104 weeks (and “obsolescence” will be applied to the results of the second year). It is very likely that the current positions in the ranking of players will change, and so far no one knows precisely how much. So, many rating players will be especially excited to expect the first January update of the WAGR rating.

In order for the competition to be rated, the underlying conditions remain the same: the minimum number of participants is 10 for men and 8 for women, the minimum number of holes is 54, and the maximum average score for the winner is 78 hits (for field pairs 72). However, now, in addition to the formats of the game at the expense of strikes and the match game, forms such as Stableford and Maximum Score are now possible - after all, now rating points are awarded depending on the occupied place. It is assumed that the new system will be more transparent, logical and, in general, will become clearer for all interested parties.
In 2020, AGR plans to announce 6 competitions in WAGR: three stages of the Junior round, All-Russian amateur competitions, the Russian Championship and the Russian Championship.
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