US Open: Jason Day has found a new caddy
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US Open: Jason Day has found a new caddy

Jason Day. Photo: Getty Images

In Jason Day’s rich achievment list is still only one major victory (PGA Championship 2015), but the Australian has been close to the triumph at the US Open major several times already, where he twice finished second. This time, Jason decided to use an additional resource in the face of a highly experienced caddy, who knows better than anyone else how the majors are won. 

His bag in the US Open major Day will be entrusted to Steve Williams, who became famous while he collaborated with Tiger Woods. Remember that of the fifteen majors won by Tiger, only two were conquered without the participation of Williams. In addition, Steve worked with Adam Scott later and helped him to win the 2013 Masters.
Steve Williams (Steve Williams) . Photo: Getty Images

Steve retired two years ago and since then only occasionally allowed himself to return to the field. At the moment there is no accurate info on the possible extension of Day and Williams collaboration after the end of the American open. Since 2017, caddy duties for Jason are performed by his friend Luke Reardon. At the two previous draws of the US Open major, Day did not manage to get to the weekend, and in the current PGA Tour season, he never rose above the fourth line.

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