US Open 2019: things get heated
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US Open 2019: things get heated

Patrick Reed. Photo: Getty Images

A performance on major is a huge stress even for experienced professionals, which we had the opportunity to see once again during the starting rounds of the American open. At first, Jordan Spieth could not cope with nerves when on the first contest day he allowed bogey on the eighth hole. The golfer immediately blamed his caddy Michael Greller for this failure, and that was witnessed by the numerous TV viewers.

“Two beautiful blows, Michael,” said Spieth in hearts, reproaching his assistant for the mistaken choice of clubs. “The first time you sent me to the water, and in the second I've hit through the green.”

Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth . Photo: Getty Images

However, Jordan later admitted to journalists that he “overreacted”, and Greller even pretended not to remember such behavior. In the second round, the negative energy released Patrick Reed, who was very dissapointed with his chip in the final hole. Patrick promptly “punished” his club by breaking it over his knee. Fortunately, even the hapless double did not prevent Reed from entering the US Open major weekend.

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