U.S. Open: Brooks Koepka is trying to extend the winning series
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U.S. Open: Brooks Koepka is trying to extend the winning series

Brooks Koepka. Photo: Getty Images

US Open major returns to Pebble Beach golf club, a well-known to PGA Tour fans for AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament, the final round of which is traditionally held in this play-field. However, participants of the third major of the season will have to perform in completely different conditions (besides, the field length increases, and the par decreases to 71). While at the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament, champions traditionally reach a double-digit minus (even with a strong wind), then in the last five draws of the American open at the Pebble Beach golf club, a similar score happened only once. In addition, this happened in 2010, when Tiger Woods won one of his brightest victories. 

Tiger Woods. Photo: Getty Images

In recent years, players and audience have strongly criticized the organizers of the US Open major, who made the fields very difficult, which was often at the expense of the game. Remember that this process was managed by USGA executive director Mike Davis, who transferred this to John Bodenhamer - he will have a tough test this week. But actually, there is no doubt that we will see a very complex rough, which is a kind of a hallmark for the American open.

The list of the main competitors in the upcoming draw includes a number of stars who have recently aquired an excellent play form. Brooks Koepka, who recently defended the title at the PGA Championship major, will try to win the American Open for the third time in a row. No one has been able to do so for more than a century. Have never been that a golfer who won a US Open major is also won the title a week earlier, and this gap could be well filled by Rory McIlroy, who grandly performed in Canada. However, in the three previous American Open draws, Rory could not managed to reach the weekend. 

Rory McIlroy . Photo: Getty Images

A few months ago Phil Mickelson has already won at the Pebble Beach golf club, and now the experienced stager has a great opportunity to make himself a birthday present and arrange the long-awaited Career Grand Slam. Jordan Spieth has also won in the local area, showing several good results in his recent starts. Dustin Johnson has additional motivation - in case of victory he'll be able to return to the top of the World Rating and push out Koepka.

Dustin Johnson. Photo: Getty Images
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