The prize fund of the US Women's Open major has grown to a record size
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The prize fund of the US Women's Open major has grown to a record size

Representatives of the US Golf Association (USGA) officially announced that this year the prize fund of the US Women's Open major will be increased by 500 thousand dollars and reach 5.5 million, which will make this tournament the most "cash" competition in the world of women's golf. This time, the arena of major will be Charleston golf-club, from which the winner will take away one million. 

“I think that a million should attract everyone’s attention,” said two-time winner of majors Stacy Lewis. “It's just wonderful that we managed to step over this line.”

Remember that the prize size on the other female majors varies greatly and ranges from 3 (ANA Inspiration) to 4.1 million dollars (Evian Championship), while the largest check awarded to the winner is on the final stage of LPGA season. The victor of the CME Group Tour Championship gets as much as 1.5 million. Certainly, the representatives of the women's division would be very happy if they could earn along with their colleagues from the men's Tour, but it should be admitted that even during the US Women's Open major Golf Association of USA is currently losing money.

“I don't know what seems fair to you,” Lewis shared her opinion. - If we proceeded from how much profit each tournament brings, it could turn out that we get even more than we should. But I would like our prizes to get a little more even ”.
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