Symbol of the US President with golf clubs!
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Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
Golf Fair Asia will take place as a luxury sport sector in the framework of Millionaire Bazaar.
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Symbol of the US President with golf clubs!

Trump spoke on the background of a modified symbol of the President of the United States with a double-headed eagle. 

US President Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Washington against the background of a modified presidential stamp, which depicted a double-headed eagle, whereas in the original version the bird has one head, reports the Washington Post. 

As the newspaper notes, when Trump began to speak at the Turning Point organization’s event, a presidential stamp appeared on the screen behind him, which at first glance looked like a real one, but on closer examination it was possible to notice that it was changed. Thus, instead of an eagle with one head, a double-headed eagle was depicted in a circle, and in its claws he did not hold arrows, but a set of golf clubs with woods, irons and putter.

The authors of the modified symbol, apparently, wanted to make fun of the fact that Trump is fond of playing golf, and hint at the scandal about his relations with Russia.

The unusual appearance of the presidential seal was noticed by the participants of the event, and its image quickly got into the media. Meanwhile, as the newspaper writes, before Trump’s speech a real seal was projected onto the screen, the symbol in its original form was also present at the tribune, behind which stood the head of state. 

The official representative of the White House told the publisher that before the changed symbol of the president appeared on the screen, administration officials did not see it. A representative of the non-profit organization Turning Point also said that he did not know how the image got on the screen. According to him, perhaps the mistake was made by the team that was responsible for the audio and video accompaniment of the event. 
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