Phil Mickelson decided to play with two drivers
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Phil Mickelson decided to play with two drivers

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Phil Mickelson. Getty Image

Phil Mickelson loves to experiment with the inventory, and he also decided to prepare for the US Open major in a special way. At Pebble Beach golf club, Lefty plans to compete with two drivers, and they will differ only in the length of the shaft. The first driver Phil is going to use for accurate outputs to fairways, and with the second he will “bomb”.

“In the upcoming US Open and British Open majors, as well as in some other competitions, I will need to keep the ball in play and therefore have to play more carefully. But there are about six locations where you can get a lot of benefit by striking the ball for 325 yards. With a certain wind direction, I can do this on four or five holes. And for this I'll need my usual driver, with whom I can hit far enough. I also need a driver for more accurate shots so that I can take advantage on some tees. Both drivers have the same loft at 8.5 degrees, but their spin and angle of attack are different.

On the 16th and 17th holes I am going to play wih the driver for the “bombs”, and these hits are almost impossible to control. With such a high trajectory, it is impossible to control the ball fourteen times per round. Therefore, I used a shorter driver with which I reduced the angle of attack and the spin value, which allows the better ball control. And this club in the future will allow me to find fairways more often. ”
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