PGA Tour: Travelers Championship, review. Chez Reavie did not miss his chance
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PGA Tour: Travelers Championship, review. Chez Reavie did not miss his chance

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Chez Rivie. Photo: Getty Images <br>
In 2008, Chez Reavie won his first victory on the PGA Tour, but since then two and a half hundred starts have passed, during which the American did not manage to repeat his success. Recently, Chez got in a good game shape and even managed to share the third line in the US Open major. Rivie approached the final round of the Travelers Championship tournament as the undisputed leader, having a head start in six hits in front of the closest pursuers, and yet it wasn't without an intrigue. <br>
Under the joyful cheers of local fans, who intensively supported their fellow countryman, Keegan Bradley rushed after the leader, gathering four birdies in the second nine and managing to reduce his gap to the minimum. The outcome of this confrontation was resolved by the penultimate hole, where Rivier designed the birdie, and Bradley allowed a triple putt transformed into a double.<br>
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In the end, Keegan finished only on the second line, where he was pressed by Zack Sucher, who headed the tournament table in the middle of the match. In the second nine of the final round, Zach performed five birdies, which allowed him to get a check for 630 thousand dollars. Over the previous ten years of his professional career, Sucher earned a little more than 850 thousand, and the golfer admitted to journalists that now he can deal with his debts. In addition, Zack, who missed about a year due to an injury, received an excellent opportunity to settle in the top American division. <br>
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1 Chez Reavie -17 
T2 Zack Sucher -13 
T2 Keegan Bradley -13 
4 Vaughn Taylor -12 
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