Not all grass is legal in golf!
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Not all grass is legal in golf!

Is the name Robert Garrigus familliar to you? Not really? Meanwhile, Robert is one of the main far beating players on the PGA Tour, able to send the ball more than to 350 yards! But, as they say, in golf the main thing is not the exit, but the entrance. Maybe that's why the long range did not bring to Garrigus much success. He has been on Tour since 2006, but won only once in 2010. 

Robert Garrigus. Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

And, nevertheless, this year he managed to get into the news feeds of the golf press. In March, he was excluded from the Tour for three months because he did not pass a drug test. The traces of marijuana use was found with him. 

As we know, with the introduction of golf into the Olympic family, all Tours pledged to comply with the IOC doping rules. And drugs, of course, are doping. The tour players began to be checked more often and some of them began to "burn." I must say that not only professional golfers came under control. Amateurs are now under surveillance too. 

So, Garrigus got caught, was suspended for three months and silently accepted this punishment. However, on his return he began to make loud statements. 

The first thing he said - I used marijuana as prescribed by my doctor in connection with pain in my knee and back! And therefore should not have been punished for it!

An interesting statement! We know that in the world of sports there are so-called “therapeutic exceptions”. This is when the doctor prescribes an athlete prohibited WADA substances for medical purposes. However, he must pre-fill a bunch of papers and get permission from WADA for this “exception”. Obviously, the doctor of Robert did not arrange such an "exception". 

The next pearl - Marijuana is legally for sale. Then let's check the players for alcohol, which is also selling out!

Another awkward "excuse." The overwhelming number of substances prohibited by WADA are produced and sold legally! They simply can not be used by athletes, because they (these substances) affect its athletic performance. 

Even in response to the statements of Garrigus, it should be said that many years ago it was a surprise to find that alcohol is not on the list of prohibited for golf. For all types of shooting sports is included, but not for golf! A pleasant and not at all “therapeutic” exception, although some people see useful therapy in alcohol before, during and after the game.

And the final "cherry on the cake." Apparently because Garrigus cannot earn for a living from golf, he started a farm for growing marijuana in the state of Washington (it is completely legal there). It is difficult in this situation to imagine a “shoemaker without shoes”! It's just not necessary to go to a Tour with this baggage... Not this kind of grass!
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