John Daly: Trump plays honestly
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John Daly: Trump plays honestly

Donald Trump managed to play with many golf stars, and this week he played with John Daly. The President of the United States spent a round at his golf club Bedminster. Thereby, Daly put on his national flag-colored trousers and wrote on Twitter later, that he was «happy to be an American», and the last day was «one of the best in his life». Later, John spoke about his round with the president in more detail and shared his observations on the Trump game.

«He has a hit», - said Daly, who visited the White House a couple of years ago with his family.
- We still have a little work to do on his short game, but he performs great punches with the driver and the third wood. He rarely misses fairways. He's good and his handicap is about 8-9».

«You know, it's funny when they ask if he cheats during the game», - John added.
- When he doesn’t get a hit, he can kill him. But he doesn’t take it into account when we play the match. Yes, we didn’t score. He often plays matches with his friends. If you want to know who is cheating on the field, I'll tell you. When I played with Bill Clinton, he interrupted his putts and chips. I don’t think that Clinton is capable of knocking the score better than 100. And President Mr. Trump may well knock 80, somewhere from about 78 to 84».
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