Hon Ram celebrated a wedding in his homeland in the Basque Country
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Golf Fair Asia 2021
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Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
Golf Fair Asia will take place as a luxury sport sector in the framework of Millionaire Bazaar.
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Hon Ram celebrated a wedding in his homeland in the Basque Country

On the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Spain in the Bay of Biscay lies the Basque Country - one of the most beautiful and richest regions of Spain. They speak a mysterious Basque language, isolated, not belonging to any of the well-known language groups. It is from here that the 3 world ranking of Jon Rahm comes from. Here at home, his name sounds just like Hon, while in world golf he is simply called John.

Hon Ram took advantage of the presented respite and took up his personal life. The 25-year-old Spaniard married with his chosen one Kelly Cahill and the ceremony took place in his homeland in Bilbao, in the largest city of the Basque Country. A month ago, after a bright triumph in the standings of Race to Dubai, Hon admitted to journalists that he had been looking forward to this very moment.

«I think that this event, which I look forward to so much, should be held in Spain, - Hon shared his plans then, having met Kelly while still studying in Arizona. - It will be a Catholic wedding, and it will take place in the church where I went as a child with my grandmother. This is a special place for all residents of Bilbao. I’m looking forward to the moment when the doors open and she will go to the altar, I think that this is the picture that I often present that I want to see the most».
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