Half a dozen golf - Golfsixes
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Golf Fair Asia 2021
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Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
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Half a dozen golf - Golfsixes


Three years ago, the European Tour came up with a new format - a team match on 6 holes, and called it plainly - Golfsixes. They gathered 16 teams of two people each, broke the first day into groups of 4 teams, and sent to the Centurion golf club course to fight on a circular system. The two best teams from each group came out to one eighth, and then, according to the usual “olympic system”, until victory. 

In the first tournament in 2017, the Danish team celebrated the victory. In 2018, there was an innovation - two women's teams were invited. 

Thorbjorn Olesen Lucas Bjerregaard.jpg 
Thorbjorn Olesen Lucas Bjerregaard: Getty Images

In 2018, one innovation appeared in the tournament - two female teams were invited.

Georgia Hall05.jpg
Georgia Hall Charley Hull: Getty Images

One team represented the Women's Eurotour, the other - England. In addition, they organized a mixed team of Thomas Bjørn and Catriona Matthew. Dilution of a purely male company by representatives of the beautiful half of the planet’s golf population brought freshness and beauty to the tournament. However, the ladies managed to reach only one eighth, but it was a great success! The Irish won that year. 
Gavin Moynihan Paul Dunne.jpg
Gavin Moynihan Paul Dunne: Getty Images

By the way, with all the “joyness” of the tournament, he has a completely non-children's prize fund - 1 million euros, by the way! There is another interesting feature in this tournament - it offers no more than 30 seconds to hit to any player. Did not meet - just get one penalty! Therefore, everyone plays fast, defiantly and is not at all “free of charge”. 

After two successful stages in England, the organizers decided to set a round-the-world tournament and this year the “quick golf chess” will be held in the Portuguese resort Qashqai on the Oitavos Dunes course. The format has remained unchanged - it is in the format of greensom (both participants leave from tee, then they choose the best ball and from this place they play in turns). There will be no mixed teams this year, but there will again be two women’s teams - Women's England and Women's Germany. 

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