Golf trick show
International Event

Golf Fair Asia 2021
in framework of Millionaire Bazaar

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
Golf Fair Asia will take place as a luxury sport sector in the framework of Millionaire Bazaar.
MILLIONAIRE BAZAAR integrates all sectors of national and international luxury industry & Wealth Global Forum.
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Golf trick show

Every show is always a pleasure to watch when it shows a professional. Golf tricks - is a real art. Here are some prominent representatives of their field.

David Edwards
His Golf Show generally lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and is sprinkled with non–stop wit, repartee and audience participation plus, of course, those amazing "Trick Shots"

Mark Reynolds
His show is a mixture of tricks, humor, active behavior and interactivity.

Paul Barrington
He combines long driving with a variety of trick shots using clubs from 2ft to 6ft long, balls driven through chipboard, off the knees and a putter used as a driver to mention but a few! Paul’s show is more than just a display.
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