Golf Fair Asia: news, tournaments, golf clubs, equipment, rules, travel, etc...
International Event

Golf Fair Asia 2021
in framework of Millionaire Bazaar

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore
Golf Fair Asia will take place as a luxury sport sector in the framework of Millionaire Bazaar.
MILLIONAIRE BAZAAR integrates all sectors of national and international luxury industry & Wealth Global Forum.
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Golf Fair Asia: news, tournaments, golf clubs, equipment, rules, travel, etc...

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Golf hotels in Malaysia. Top-5
The beautiful and comfortable hotels are the key to a successful and good holiday. Five perfect hotels in Malaysia for you!
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Golf trick show
Every show is always a pleasure to watch when it shows a professional. Golf tricks - is a real art. Here are some prominent representatives of their field.
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Golf asia magazine, which will pleasantly surprise you
Do you want to know about golf more? We collected the most popular Golf Asia Magazines.
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Hon Ram celebrated a wedding in his homeland in the Basque Country
On the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Spain in the Bay of Biscay lies the Basque Country - one of the most beautiful and richest regions of Spain.
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Tiger Woods is back to full training program
During his recent interview Tiger Woods shared the details on his recovery after a surgery he underwent a month ago.
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USA Team won the Walker Cup
Representatives of the US national team traditionally outplay their opponents from Britain in separate matches, and the current rally was no exception to this rule.
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